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For children and young people Enviroschools can be a lifelong journey from early childhood, to primary, intermediate, secondary and beyond.  For schools and centres we support long-term participation; lasting changes can take many years to become embedded but every step is a change in itself.


Every Enviroschool follows a unique journey that:

  • Develops from small beginnings and gathers strength and breadth along the way
  • Empowers tamariki and students
  • Builds sustainable communities
  • Integrates into the curriculum; both Te Whāriki and the New Zealand Curriculum
  • Is grounded in Māori Perspectives
  • Embraces cultural diversity
  • Engages in the physical, social, cultural and political aspects of the environment
  • Builds towards being a whole-school/ centre approach.


The Enviroschools programme is implemented reginally, along regional council boundaries and is supported by a network of people working for a different range of organisations.  See About Enviroschools for information on our structure, who is involved and our history.

The atua drawing at the top right of this page is Tangaroa - the sea.  In Enviroschools we often liken the sustainability journey early childhood centres and school take, to an awa, a river.  The journey starts small, it ebbs and flows, sometimes quietly moving, sometimes racing along.  Tangaroa is the atua we associate with when we describe water in this sense.