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Outlook for Someday 2014 Winners Announced


130 entries received involving over 500 young people!

This year 130 entries were received for The Outlook for Someday film challenge!

Made by individuals and teams from 7 to 24 years old, the films demonstrate impressive storytelling skills and film-making know-how to make powerful statements about environmental, social and health issues. 

This years winning films tackle subjects as diverse as the protection of bees, trees, birds and paua; care for our resources, online communication and everyday food choices we make. The film-makers were honoured at The Someday Awards red-carpet ceremony at the Aotea Centre in Auckland on December 4th.  

To view the 20 winning films see The Outlook for Someday

NB: This is the 8th year of the challenge and was open to anyone under 25; to make a sustainability-related film, any genre, filmed with any camera and any length up to 5mins.

The Enviroschools Young Voices for change winner Daisy Thor-Poet with special guests Tom Hern and James Napier Robertson 

Orientation Aotearoa


Orientation Aotearoa - www.oa.org.nz - is an 8 month, innovative and hands-on education for aspiring change makers (aged 18 -25). The Wellington-based residential programme provides a diverse curriculum delivered by leading minds from around NZ, supporting young people to understand local and global challenges, and empowering them to take meaningful action in the world.

Xtreme zero waste launches new website!

Xtreme waste

It’s fun and easy to find your way around, whether you are a household, business owner, local, visitor or teacher. The new website features comprehensive information on Xtreme Zero Waste and the Raglan Recycling Centre.



Honda Tree Fund


Environment Canterbury's Youth Engagement Team, Biodiversity Team and the Honda TreeFund are working together to support schools and their communities with plans to protect, restore and enhance their local waterways.

Each year $10,000 of the Honda TreeFund allocation is made available to Canterbury schools, to help with native planting projects. Enviroschools and schools involved in Environment Canterbury’s Waitaha Wai (Water) or Pests and Biodiversity education programmes are eligible. Schools can apply for up to $1000 each, for native plants only.


Ooooby Coming to Waikato!


Ooooby will soon be available in the Waikato! Ooooby (Out of our own back yards) is a online shopping website for local produced food.  It has great recipe ideas, and local produce to buy or if you are a local grower Ooooby is a good way for you to promote yourself and reach more customers.

Check out the website for details www.oooby.org

Planet Goodness Website


 A bit about Planet goodness website

This is the place for busy people who want to live simply, purely, and make the world a better place through what you buy. 

If you’re thinking about living a healthy organic life, or if you’re keen to transform your home into a non-toxic nest, or if you are wondering which skincare is safe and effective, if you're searching for eco gifts for your friends and kids, then welcome. We exist to help you!

The Science Learning Hub


New Awesome educational website

The Science Learning Hub is a website developed by educators and teachers in collaboration with New Zealand scientists to provide resources for teachers of school years 2-10. It is funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and managed by the University of Waikato. All our resources are free and no site registration is required.

Check out the website www.sciencelearn.org.nz 

'LAWA' Great new website resource


New website connects students with NZ rivers

A new website housing New Zealand’s water quality data offers students and educators the chance to connect with what’s going on in their region’s waterways.  

The website, Land, Air, Water Aotearoa (LAWA), is a collaboration between New Zealand’s 16 regional and unitary councils, the Ministry for the Environment, Cawthron Institute and Massey University.
A New Zealand first, LAWA displays state and trend information for over 1100 freshwater monitoring sites, giving the public access to all of the country’s water quality monitoring in one place and in a common, easy to understand format.

 “Never before has there been such a focus on the state of New Zealand’s freshwater but until now there has been no one place to access information about the quality of our rivers,” explained Fran Wilde, chair of the regional council sector group.

 “Freshwater is a vital asset to our country and its important that the public can see and understand for themselves the state of a particular river or catchment and how it may be affected by what’s going on around it.” 
Regional councils measure a range of parameters when assessing water quality, the most common are E. coli, nitrogen, phosphorous, water clarity and pH. LAWA allows users to see where a river or catchment sits in comparison to others for each parameter and indicates whether things are improving, degrading or remaining stable.

Along with the water quality data is a learning section, complete with glossary and factsheets to help visitors to the site better understand the science behind river monitoring.

“We want to see children and young people using the website to develop their own learning about river ecosystems and the pressures they face. For classes undertaking stream studies or river restoration projects, LAWA provides an excellent source of information to complement students’ own inquiry,” said Ms Wilde.

The development of LAWA was supported by the Tindall Foundation, a philanthropic family foundation.  Co-founder, Sir Stephen Tindall was keen to see the vision of LAWA realised, after experiencing difficulty in accessing clear information about the state of New Zealand rivers.

“I have a personal interest in this project because I love swimming and love our waterways. I spend every summer holiday with my family around the water swimming, fishing and kayaking,” said Sir Tindall.

“To me, the fact that the quality of our waterways is on the decline, is a horrifying thought. As a family Foundation we were keen to fund the LAWA website so that information on water quality is easily accessible to the public. And, by collecting data, we can identify problems early and see if water quality is improving or not. Then we can see how we can help, and encourage others to do the same. This is about preserving our rivers and fresh waterways for the future to ensure the safeguarding of our ecosystems our clean green image and to protect our beaches too.”

View the website at www.lawa.org.nz


Turn your mailbox into an Ecomailbox

Ecomailbox.co.nz is on a mission to reduce the huge amount of resource waste created by paper advertising, by providing households with a free Ecomailbox version of the ‘no circulars sticker’ for household mailboxes.

Their online service then replaces and improves consumer communications, by giving you the latest news and promotions from your favourite stores, sites, newspapers and non-profit organisations, without the wasted paper!

The stickers are off to a great start, and can be seen on letterboxes across NZ, from the Far North to Invercargill. A wide range of organisations (including cafes, kindergartens, barbers and councils) have actively sought to distribute and promote Ecomailbox No Ad Mailstickers in the pre-launch phase. The service is now live, and they invite everyone to join and help promote the service in their communities.  

The website features a page that profiles organisations that are doing good things for the environment or their communities; which they call the Good On Ya page.

For more information contact the Communications Manager Charlene Fitisemanu at charlene@ecomailbox.co.nz

Eco Deals

Save time, save money, save the planet!

EcoDeals is about bringing great offers on eco-friendly products into the inbox of every day Kiwis and make it easier and more affordable to be environmentally responsible.

EcoDeals believe in giving back and free choice, so a percentage of each sale is donated to non-profits and charities aligned with their mission. Best of all you get to chose; just tick which charity you would like your contribution to go to on the check out page and voila you have helped a worthy cause.

The Enviroschools Foundation is one of two charities chosen by Eco Deals, so by supporting Eco Deals you are also supporting The Enviroschools Foundation.

For more information on Eco Deals see their website